A label printer is a type of printer that is used to print sticker labels. KaHero POS allows you to setup your sticker label printers. On the "Navigation Menu", under "Printer Settings", select "Printer". Click "Add Printer" to add your printer for sticker labels.

Under the "Printer Capabilities" section, enable "Print Sticker Label", and disable everything else. Your printer is now set to be a sticker label printer.

After enabling the "Print Sticker Label", new spaces will appear to input information related to sticker label printers. Label your printer's name. Choose which type of printer your label printer is (bluetooth, USB, ethernet). Search for your printer's address.

Enter your "Label Height (Inches)" then your "Label Width (Inches)". Input your "Label Size (0-8)" and your "Sticker Label Gap (mm)". Make sure you have measured your sticker label beforehand.

Click "Test Print" to test whether your printer is connected and working.

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