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Bluetooth Printer Setup

Bluetooth printer requirements:

*Mobile Gadget (smartphone/tablet) with KaHero POS installed
*Bluetooth printer (Check your printers label underneath)

Enable your device's bluetooth connection. You can enable your bluetooth under your device's settings. Pair your device with your printer.

On the "**Navigation Menu"** under Printer "Settings", select "**P****rinter"**.

Click "Add a Printer".

A. Input your printer label
B. Select your printer's model (IPDA045, others)
C. From the drop down menu, select "Bluetooth"
D. Click the "Search" button and a pop-up will show you a list of available printers. Choose your printer from the list.

These are your printer features:

Open Cash Drawer - enable to open cash drawer during sales
Print Receipt - enable to print receipts after each transaction
Print Order - enable to send orders to a group of printers
Print Sticker Label - enable to print sticker labels for your store

On the top-right of the Add Printer screen, press "**Test Print"** to test whether or not your printer is connected and working properly.

Updated on: 04/08/2021

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