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Kitchen Printer Groups

The Print Group Order feature is useful when communicating with other staffs when preparing orders. This is most useful to cafes and restaurants when informing their cooking staff about what to prepare for the customer's order.

This is an important feature to use when your customers order different items from different categories, but you only want to some items from specific categories to be sent to your kitchen printers. For example, your customer ordered items from your Meal and Beverage Category, but you only want to send the Meal category to your kitchen printer. KaHero's printer group feature is your savior!

On the "**Navigation Menu"** under "**Settings"**, select "**Features"**.

Active the "**Print Order Group"** feature. Be sure to be subscribed to KaHero POS's PRO version to enable the feature.

Adding Kitchen Printer Groups

On the "Navigation Menu", under "Printer Settings", select "Printer Group".

Click "Add a Printer Group".

A. Label your printer group.
B. Select which item categories are to be sent and printed to your kitchen printer.

Setting Up Printer Group

On the "**Navigation Menu"** under "**Printer Settings"**, select "**Printer"**.

Click "Add a Printer".

A. Input your printer label
B. Select your printer's model (IPDA045, others)
C. From the drop down menu, select your type of printer
D. Input the printer's IP address or click the "Search" button and a pop-up will show you a list of available printers. Choose your printer from the list.

After adding your printer details, make sure you enable "Print Order" under "Printer Capabilities" to enable printing of kitchen orders.

**Note:** When you take an order, the printer automatically prints a ticket with the list of items or products that your staff will prepare. If the order is an open ticket, the printer prints a ticket as soon as you save the ticket as an open ticket.

Scroll down a bit more on your printer settings to find "Printer Groups". Enable the printer group for your kitchen orders.

Printing Kitchen Orders Separately from Receipts

In this example, our kitchen printer will only be printing out items from the Meal category and Snacks category. We will include an item from our Drinks category to see how our printer has separated kitchen orders from the actual receipt.

On the register, add items from the categories that are included in your printer group. (Meal category and Snacks category)

Add an item from a category that is excluded from the printer group. (Drink category)

Proceed to "Payment" then make sure your have enabled "Print Order" before proceeding.

Here is the receipt and the kitchen order of this specific transaction. As you can see, only the Meal item and Snacks item is included in the kitchen order.

Updated on: 05/08/2021

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