Item tags help in organizing the display on your register screen. It is useful when you want to display an item or items from a category without including the other items that are from the same category. You cannot set two categories for an item, so item tags are useful for these instances.

Item tags are especially useful for buffet-type restaurants when you want a certain food to appear during your breakfast and dinner menu, but not on your lunch menu.

Adding Item Tags in the Back Office

On the back office, under "Listings", navigate to the "Item Tags" section.

On the upper-right of the screen, click "Add Item Tags".

Input the name of your item tag. Click "Save".

Your item tags will be displayed accordingly. Click on the "pen" button to edit the item tag name. Click on the "trash" button to delete the item tag name.

Now we can set item tags for your store's items.

On the back office, under "Listings", navigate to the "Item" section.

Click "Edit" on the item to add an item tag.

On the "Edit Item" pop-up, navigate to "Tags" and select the tag/s you want to add. Click "Save".

Using Tag Filters on KaHero POS

To start using your item tags, enable using of tag filters. On the KaHero POS app, navigate to "Settings". Select "Yes" for "Use Tags Filter".

This is how your register will look like after applying your item tags filter.

In this example, we set the item "Spaghetti" with the tags "Breakfast" and "Dinner". So "Spaghetti" will appear on the "Breakfast" and "Dinner" tags and not on the "Lunch" tag. You can also notice that "Spaghetti" is still under the "Meals" category.

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