Category groups are used to organize or segregate categories. You might want to create a category with several sub-categories. For example, you have "Meals" and "Snacks" categories. Without grouping these categories, it will make the category display on your register screen longer. We can group these categories into "Food" so that your category list is much shorter and easier to navigate.

You can add category groups on the back office

On the back office, under "Listings", navigate to the "Categories" section.

Scroll down and below your category list is your category groups list. Click "New Category Group".

Input the name of your category group. Click "Save".

Scroll up to you category list and click "Edit" on the category to add it to a category group.

On the "Edit Category" pop-up, navigate to "Category Group" and select the category group you want to assign. Click "Save".

This is how your register will look like after adding category groups. As you can see, the "Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)" and "Drinks (Alcoholic)" categories are under the "Beverages" category group. You can choose to hide or show categories with category groups.

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