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Item Listing

Adding Item Options

Item Options under Item Listings allows you to add variants to your items. For example, if you're selling the same t-shirt with different sizes, you can set a parent item "T-Shirt", and add item options such as "Small", "Medium", or "Large". Item Options allows you to minimize the space taken up by your items.

On the "Navigation Menu" under "Listings", select "Items".

This is your item screen. Click on the "pen icon" to edit your item.

On the bottom part of the "Edit Item" screen, you can find the "Add Options" section.

A. Label your item option. (Ex. T-Shirt (Small), T-Shirt(Large))
B. Set the price for that specific item option.
C. (Optional) Set the cost of the item option. Click "Save".

After saving, your item options will show on the bottom of your "Edit Item" screen. Click on the "Trash Icon" to delete the item option. Click on the "Pen Icon" to edit the item option.

Selling Item Options

On the "Register", select the product with the item option.

Select the desired item option. Click "Back" to go back to your item list on the register.

Input the item option quantity. Click "Okay".

Note: You only can see the Input Quantity screen if you have picked the option to sell the item by weight.

This is how your item will look like on the ticket screen with the selected item option.

See for item modifiers.

Updated on: 04/08/2021

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