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Working with Cash Rounding

Cash rounding in KaHero POS means that all your cash transactions is rounded to the nearest rounding interval based on your payment settings. Non-cash transactions are not rounded. You can set your cash rounding settings on the back office (

On your back office, head to the navigation menu. Under Listings, select Payment Types.

On the Payment Types screen, click Payment Settings.

This is your Payment Settings pop-up.

A. Rounding Interval - smallest possible positive difference between the original value and rounded value.
B. Rounding Rule - the way in which your rounding will be applied

Select your Rounding Interval.

Select your "Rounding Rule".

A. Always Round Up - value of your rounded amount will increase
B. Always Round Down - value of your rounded amount will decrease

Click "OK" to save your payment settings.

On your register, you can see that your transaction has been rounded and you can see how much was rounded.

On this example, the total is PHP 900.00. Subtracting the SC/PWD Discount (PHP 141.43), the grand total would be PHP 848.57. Rounding that up to the nearest 0.5 interval, the final grand total would be PHP 849.00.

Updated on: 04/08/2021

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