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Update Stocks in the Back Office

You can easily update your stocks in the Back Office.

In the Back Office, Select Item Stocks under Inventory Management.

Select the Warehouse, and click the search bar icon and input the name of item you want to update your stocks.

After searching, click the Update Stocks of that Item.

A pop up will appear after clicking the update stocks.

A. Auto-compute - enable auto compute to only add new additional stocks.
B. Manage Stocks - you cannot add stocks if this is No you must change this to Yes.
C. Minimum - this will add limit to your stocks, a notification on the KaHero Analytics will appear when you hit that minimum stocks.
D. On Hand - input the quantity of stocks you want to add here. Also, by putting negative quantity it will deduct your current stocks on hand ex. -23

Then click Save.

Updated on: 01/12/2022

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