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Adding Production in the Back Office

To use Production you must first enable the feature Inventory Management, which is located in Features under Settings.

Once done enabling the Inventory Management feature, on the navigation bar click on the Back Office or you can also go to and login your account.

Before adding Production you have to make sure first that all your ingredients has been added under your Item and the item is already Composite Item and For Production enabled. Like the sample below.

If you haven't added your ingredients on the Items yet then create or add item as ingredients on Items. To create, go to Items under Listings.

Click on New Items and input the details of your ingredient and enable the Raw Material.

Once your done creating your ingredients you can now put them under your Item, To add your ingredients click the pencil icon to edit your selected Item.

Enable the Composite Item so that the Item Ingredients will appear and also enable For Production to be able to add your item in production.

Now you can add your ingredients under your item. To add, click on Item Ingredients and click on Add Ingredients.

Select your Raw Materials and input the quantity. The quantity will base on how much you need to make one (1) item. Like the given example below to make a Chiffon Cake you need 7 eggs.

Once your done adding your ingredients you can now add production. To add production, go to Production under Inventory Management.

Then click Add Production.

To create a production input the following details and click Add Item.

A. Notes - this is optional, you can input any notes here for your production.
B. Warehouse - select a warehouse where you want your ingredients stocks be deducted and your stock item be added. Where to deduct and add must have the same warehouse.
C. Add Item - click to add the item.

After clicking the Add Item input your selected item and quantity.

Select Item - only item that has enabled the Composite Item will appear here, so you must double check the item if it's already enable.
Quantity - input the quantity of the production.

After saving, it will sent you back to Create Production and it will show you your added item. If your done adding item, click save.

Once done, a new production will be added. You can what's inside the production by clicking the eye icon under Action.

This is what you'll see inside.

You can check the Stocks On Hand on Item Stocks if the production was added and if the ingredients under the item added in the production has been deducted.

Updated on: 04/12/2022

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