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Advance Inventory Management - Supplier

KaHero POS includes an advanced inventory management system. You can now add your business's suppliers to immediately add products to your inventory and have an advanced tracking of your inventory.

You can access KaHero POS's advanced inventory management in the back office:

On the Navigation Menu of the back office, go to Inventory Management, then select Supplier.

On the Supplier tab, click Add Supplier.

This is the Add Supplier pop-up.

A. Supplier Name - input the name of your supplier.
B. Contact - input the mobile number of your supplier.
C. Email - input the email of your supplier.
D. Phone Number - input the telephone number of your supplier.
E. Website - input the website of your supplier.

F. Address - input the address of your supplier.
G. Note - input a note for your supplier.

Click Save.

This is how your supplier list should look like.

To edit a supplier, just check the checkbox before the Supplier Name.

A. Add Supplier button - add another supplier.
B. Delete button - delete supplier/s.
C. Edit button - edit a supplier.

Updated on: 11/12/2022

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