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Advance Inventory Management - Purchase Order

KaHero POS includes an advanced inventory management system. Create purchase orders to your suppliers and track your POs through KaHero's advanced inventory management.

You can access KaHero POS's advanced inventory management in the Back Office

On the Navigation Menu of the back office, go to Inventory Management, then select Purchase Order.

On the Purchase Order tab, click Add Purchase Order.

This is the Add Purchase Order pop-up.

A. Supplier Name - choose the name of the supplier you want to purchase from.
B. Warehouse - choose which warehouse in your POS the items which you will be ordering is located.
C. Purchase Order date - choose the date you have placed your order.
D. Expected On - choose the expected date of when your order will arrive.
E. Note - input a note for your purchase order.

This is the list of the items you will be ordering.

A. Items drop-down - choose which items in your warehouse you will be ordering.
B. Add Item button - press to add the item for purchasing.

Your items should be added on the list below.

A. Quantity - click on the number under the Quantity column to edit the quantity you would like to order.
B. Purchase Cost - click on the number under the Purchase Cost column to edit the cost of the item you will be ordering.
C. Action - delete the item on the list.

This is how your purchase orders list should look like.

A. Add Purchase Order button - add another purchase order.
B. Delete button - delete purchase orders.

To edit a supplier, just check the checkbox before the Purchase Order #.

Notice the status under Document Status is Draft, click on the Eye icon to view or update order status.

Click Submit to submit your order. Once you've submit the Document Status will update from Draft to Submitted.

Received Purchase Orders

This is your purchase order status.

Click the Received button to label your purchase orders as received.

This is your Item Received pop-up. On the To Received column, input the number of items you have received from your supplier.

Click the Mark All Received button to receive all your orders.

Click Received to finish the receiving process.

Sending Purchase Orders

Click the Send button to label your purchase orders as received.

This is your Send Purchase Order pop-up.

Company Name - input your company/business name.
To - input the supplier you would like to address your purchase order.
Subject - input the subject of your purchase order.

Generating PDF for Purchase Orders

Click the More button to label your purchase orders as received. Select Generate pdf to download a PDF file of your purchase order.

This is how the PDF file of your purchase order should look like.

Updated on: 15/12/2022

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