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Senior Citizen (SC) & Person With Disabilities (PWD) Discount

Under the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act No. 9994, Senior Citizens (SC) and Person With Disabilities (PWD) are entitled to a 20% discount and an exemption from the 12% Value-Added Tax (VAT) on the sale of goods and services.

KaHero POS now has a feature that allows you to apply Senior Citizen/PWD discounts to your transaction tickets. You don't need to manually add the discounts through listings.

Note: This is only applicable to businesses in the Philippines and are VAT registered.

Note: This is feature is only available to PRO-subscribed users.

Make sure your BIR Compatible feature is enabled for the Senior Citizen/PWD Discount feature to appear. Enable it.

Double-check that you have encoded the correct BIR settings of your business.

After enabling the feature, you can now apply Senior Citizen/PWD discounts to your transactions.

Applying SC/PWD Discounts

On the Register, select the items to add to your ticket. Then click the discount button.

Select Senior Citizen/PWD Discount.

Input the total customers that are legible to avail the discount. Specify the number of Senior Citizens or the number of Person With Disabilities. Click Okay.

A. Total Customer - total customers that are legible to avail the SC/PWD Discount
B. Senior Citizen - number of senior citizens from the total customer
C. Person with Disability - number of persons of disabilities from the the total customer

Example: If you have five(5) total customers availing the discount, specify the which of the 5 customers are senior citizens and which are person with disabilities.

On your ticket, the "SC/PWD Discount" amount should reflect and deducted from the total amount.

The "SC/PWD Discount" displays the total SC/PWD + VAT.

Proceed to payment to finish the transaction.

SC/PWD Discount Computation

This is how to compute the sub-total and VAT, SC/PWD discount, and grand total on KaHero POS. We will use this sample transaction.

Finding the Sub-total and the VAT

Total Item Selling Price: PHP 360.00
VAT rate: 12%

Sub-total = Total Item Selling Price / 1.12

Sub-total = 360 / 1.12 = PHP 321.43

VAT = Total Item Selling Price - Sub-total

VAT = PHP 38.57

Finding the SC/PWD Discounts

Senior citizens and Persons with Disabilities are entitled to a 20% discount from their sub-total.

SW/PWD Discount: VAT + (Sub-total x 0.20)

SC/PWD Discount = 38.57 + (321.43 x 0.20) = PHP 102.86

Finding the Grand Total

Grand Total = Sub-total - SC/PWD Discount

Grand Total = 321.43 - 64.29 = PHP 257.14

Updated on: 04/08/2021

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