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Movement Report

The movement report shows you a report of the adjustments of your item details or information. This helps you keep track of new items and edits in your item listings during a specific time. You can find your business's movement report through the back office through KaHero POS app or

On the "**Navigation Menu"** under "**Inventory Management"**, select "**Summary Report"**.

On the upper right side of your Added Items Movement Report, you can find the time and date specifications.

A. Select a specific date to view.
B. Select the specific time you want to view.
C. Select the warehouse or storage you would like to view.

For example, you added a new item on the listings named "Orange Juice". You can find the addition of the item on a specific date and the details you have input such as the "**A. item cost"** and the "**B. quantity"** in the warehouse.

You can also find the "**A. total cost"** of your item and the "**B. total price"** of the total count of the specific item in stock. Click "**Export"** to export the movement report.

Updated on: 04/08/2021

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