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Configuring Taxes

KaHero POS allows you to add taxes to your items.

Under Listings, select Taxes.

Listings > Taxes

Click Add a Tax.

"Add a Tax"

Input your tax name and tax rate (in percent).

Input tax details

Select your Tax Type.

A. Included in the Price - tax is already included in the price you have set on your item. There will be no changes to your price on any transaction.
B. Added to the Price - tax will be added to your pricing and changes to your pricing will reflect on transaction tickets.

Select Tax Type

Select your Tax Application.

A. Apply the tax to the new items - tax will be applicable to newly added items
after the creation of the tax.
B. Apply the tax to existing items - tax will be applied to items already input
before the creation of the tax.

Select Tax Application

Click Save and your taxes will now be applied to your items.

Updated on: 11/01/2022

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