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Getting Started: Money Manager

KaHero has its very own Money Manager! Synchronize your cash sales and cash balances from KaHero POS to Money Manager. If you are a business owner, Money Manager is a way to keep track of your expenses and income, personal and business-wise. This is useful when you have to use your cash sales for personal use or miscellaneous expenses.

Downloading Money Manager

Download Money Manager on your mobile device from Google Playstore or Appstore.
Download KaHero Money Manager on Google Play

Then login using your KaHero POS account credentials.

Setting Up Your Money Manager

After logging in, you will be sent to the main screen. Click "Settings".

Click "Account Group" to add which accounts you keep or store your cash in like your bank accounts, e-money account, or even your wallet.

Click "Expense Category" to add all your expense categories such as utilities, groceries, fare, etc.

Click "Income Category" to add all your income categories such as salary, cash sales, etc.

Connecting to KaHero POS

After setting up your accounts and categories in the Money Manager app, you can now connect it to your KaHero POS account.

Open your KaHero POS application. Go the "Navigation Menu" and go to "Settings" then "Features".

Enable "Money Manager" feature then click "Save".

Go the "Navigation Menu" then select "Money Manager".

Choose your "Money Manager Account" where your cash earnings will go to. Then, choose your "Money Manager Income Category" where your sales will reflect as income.

Click "Sync Sales Date".

Choose a date to synchronize all transactions on that date to Money Manager. Click "Okay". Click "Save".

Open your Money Manager application to see the synchronized details.

Updated on: 05/08/2021

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